A warm and sophisticated fully detailed atmosphere, a multitide of bottles as a background.

Crossing a beautiful and selected delicatessen, which seems to wish Enjoy your meal, you come in the restaurant area, where the wait staff is kind and courteous, and that will follow you in an evening dedicate to fine wine and great food.

This kind of restaurants, called "behind the Bench" ... yes ... behind the bench of the family store, has been going with the cook Angelo since many years in this beautiful and exciting adventure. Here you can find a family with all their warmth they can give. Skilled hands, flawless cooking, excellent raw materials and, last but not least, the mother, an Emilian pasta maker of rare skill, who will delight you through her son Angelo with homemade, stuffed or not, pasta.

The nearby mountains bring to the table extraordinary products, but having the sea 3 km away and having played in childhood with fishermen, it helps to bring to the table significant fish and unique seafood.




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tel: 0584/1660839

cell. 338 3721892

Via S.Bernardini,660 -  55041 Lido di Camaiore (LU)

close tuesday and wednesday for lunch



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Not a wine list, but sophisticated, sought wines selections, that’s what I’ve been doing for years, I’ve been searching for food when nobody was searching for food, I’ve been searching for wine when nobody was searching for wine, and after so many years the quest is still ongoing, this is my world, this is my way.

I’m not seeking approvals in You, I’m seeking emotions in You.


Angelo Torcigliani


We do not pair, we rather enjoy, from the kitchen it comes out good food, then pair it with good wines






Children are one thing, heirs are another: of the epic of Peppino and Mirella Cantarelli it remains more than a few crumbs on a black and white Flanders placemat. To understand it, just go to Il Merlo in Camaiore,a now legendary restaurant that overlooks its sober door on the road, next to the window of the gastronomy which has come out by parthenogenesis. Parma hams hanging above a long counter glazed full of delicatessen not only Tuscan, not only Italian. And Parmigiano Reggiano chosen directly in the dairies, such as the thighs of pigs, matured in accordance with the wishes of the house. Finally marked with the name of the gastronomy, Claudio, because it is from a deep knowledge of the product that this Italian story began, a story which is now in its third generation and which has launched in the restaurant twist as the ball kicked into the goal by the champion. It is not hard to imagine Mario Soldati ringing the doorbell, in a sliding doors with Samboseto, once he left his home in the lowlands of Parma to seek warmth and calories elsewhere. It was in the 60’s that Orio Vergani wrote: "The kitchen Italian is dying", because of the spreading of food industry and the empowerment of women; it was in 1963 that grandfather Guido put down on a loose sheet letters that today inspire uneasiness: Pouilly Fuissé 17,50, Margaux 18,90… Torcigliani Guido Company, as you can read in the header of the orders, now hanging on a wall of the room. Two rooms that have kept the spirit of home, just before the kitchen. Grandfather Guido did come from a family of restaurateurs, because the first Merlo took flight from the arm of his father, who during fascism had run a restaurant devoted to Tuscan specialties such as tripe and salted codfish, named according to the nickname of the Torcigliani gens (Merlini) and unfortunately destroyed by bombing. His son, meanwhile, had devoted to carpentry, until a splinter had taken him away, as well as an eye, the plane and the chisel. Since that time he would take care of the bar with the food shop in the village square, transformed by the passion for the good things in the small San Sebastian in Versilia. It was he, to give just one example, who first brought the Illy coffee in Camaiore. And after him his son Claudio, born in 1937, in a rush to overcome another barrier: the kitchen, built from scratch and entrusted to his wife Romana, an azdora [the typical Emilia housewife] old school, who had grown up in a large family in Correggio, where the preparation of meals was almost like a job. From her hands came out 4 or 5 dishes from Emilia, especially fresh pasta, the same that now alternate the dishes of Angelo. Inspiring to Cantarelli, known by Claudio during his escapades gourmandes in the best Italian restaurants, a reference point also for the composition of pastes. Thus in the 70's, to make room for tables and the wine shop, the delicatessen moved to the ground floor of the contiguous building, built on purpose. From “La Madia” 2015, a piece by Alessandra Meldolesi

photo e concept by Lido Vannucchi     construction site and  graphics by  Barbara Laschi